Work With Me

I’d love to help you reach your business goals.  If your issues involve learning, training,  social media or content management — I’m the guy.

There are three general ways that I work with clients:three

  1. Project Management of big ($100K+ learning or training projects) on a 3-6 month contract basis.
  2. Instructional Design of technical learning — involving new media like e-learning, social media, or other bleeding-edge techniques.  Mostly as a “virtual” team member, with some in-person meetings as required.
  3. “Pay What It’s Worth” consults for small clients, who just want to know where to start or how to get past a particular challenge.  Usually just a few hours.  We focus on a specific issue you’re trying to deal with, and at the end you pay based on what benefit you think you’ve received.*

If you’re interested, just pop me a short email ( and explain the opportunity.  We’ll set up a time to talk about it.

If you’d like a PWIW consult, I limit myself to just a few a month — depending on what else is on my plate, and it’s first-come first-served.

Recent consults have included:

  • Which LMS should we buy?  Where should it live?  Who should run it?
  • Why does our e-learning suck so much?  How could we fix it?
  • Does it really take six months to write a one-week in-person class?  Can we do it faster?  How?
  • What software tool should we use to a)Design stuff  b)Deliver stuff  c)Fix stuff
  • How do we integrate social media like Twitter and Facebook into our business so it actually improves our bottom line?

*Yes, I know this sounds nuts.  Why would anyone pay me if they don’t have to? Take a look at Radiohead or The World Of Goo and you’ll see that most folks actually are willing to pay as much or more if they get value.  And as a little business, I know that you just can’t risk much on people who claim they know everything.

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